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Social Responsibility & Ethics

Ankara Akademi’s concentration is mainly on the emerging and developing markets where the people has limited access to the healthcare services compared to the other countries. As the emerging markets are fast growing, there is an urgent need to establish healthcare system. The healthcare service also boost the social integration and employability of the country as the local team is trained by the experts in their own field.

Social Awareness Campaigns:
Health literacy is the concern for everyone involved in healthcare and healthcare related services. The perception of early screening, understanding the basic healthcare information and communicating the health information and concerns are highly crucial. Health literacy is the combined function of the cultural, social and individual factors and Ankara Akademi promotes the health literacy with different types of social awareness campaigns.

Contribution to Local Employment:
Ankara Akademi has a contribution to the employment as it is transferring its expertise to the emerging countries and creating employment opportunities to the country of operation.

2018 Breast Cancer awareness campaign

First Traing Session of The Local Employees in Kenya