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Our Story

Ankara Akademi is a leading healthcare service company which provides diverse Clinical Services (CS) and Hospital Operation & Management (O&M) in Turkey and internationally in healthcare sector.

Clinical services are one of the most important core activities of Ankara Akademi. Ankara Akademi is active both as an equipment and service provider in 34 hospitals, 66 operation units (public, private, university and research & training hospitals) serving up to 13.937 bed capacity in the Turkey and internationally. In the Turkish market, Ankara Akademi is the market leader in healthcare as a medical equipment investor, operator, and maintenance company. Additionally, Ankara Akademi is the first and only company in Turkey to provide all clinical services under one roof. In the international arena, Ankara Akademi is currently active with 20 operational units in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Lithuania. Ankara Akademi will continue to grow by both diversifying its clinical services and increasing its geographical presence.

In terms of the Hospital Operation & Management Service (O&M) Ankara Akademi is committed to bringing the best of technology, expert clinical care and dedicated medical staff to meet the needs of the client hospitals and healthcare facilities. For the medical and non-medical hospital operations and maintenance services, Ankara Akademi ensures, that the highest world standards are met for the services. As the company has extensive clinical services experience, it combines its know-how with facility management companies and hospital operators to deliver turnkey hospital operation and maintenance services solutions.

Ankara Akademi aims to expend its clinical services and O&M experience to the countries where a high quality healthcare services are needed. Strategic partnerships with GE, Philips, Electa, Medtronic, Boston Scientific and Gymna is also boosting the company’s success in terms of management, clinical services and healthcare related services. These strategic partnerships also faciliates new projects in different parts of the world.